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Six Top Diamond Jewellery Style Tips

Six Top Diamond Jewellery Style Tips

Irina Collier Irina Collier
6 minute read

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There's No Bad Way To Wear Diamond Jewellery – True or False?

Elizabeth Taylor said, 'I love jewellery – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it. If my stylist didn't stop me, I'd go out looking like a Christmas tree.' Most of us can't afford a stylist to keep our tastes in check; we need to do it for ourselves. There are good and bad ways to wear diamond jewellery, and, in this article, we will look at the top six diamond jewellery style tips. No need to go out of the house looking like you fell into a box of Christmas baubles.

Diamond Necklaces – Naturally Stylish

A diamond necklace is always elegant – unless you're a millionaire with horrible taste! Rather than wearing a diamond necklace every day, keep them for sophisticated occasions when you want to dress up and make an impression.

Daisy Diamond Cluster Pendant Necklace 1.00ct G/SI 18k White Gold

Daisy Diamond Cluster Pendant Necklace 1.00ct G/SI 18k White Gold

$1,947.00 $3,528.00

This well-designed daisy diamond cluster pendant necklace is handcrafted by our talented UK craftsmen and we are certain it will be an acme and a worthy addition to your loved one’s collection. The pendant is fashioned in an 18k white… read more

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If you want to look super chic and elegant, team up a classic LBD (Little Black Dress) with your diamond necklace. The black will serve to show off the sparkle of your diamonds in a way that everyone will notice and enjoy.

As a rule of thumb, the showier your necklace is, the more your outfit should be simple and elegant – keep jewellery and clothing in balance and show off your good taste while wowing admirers with your looks.

Wearing Diamond Earrings – Not Just For The Evening!

Some fashionistas still claim that diamonds are just for wearing in the evenings. We say phooey to that, at least when it comes to diamond earrings. A pair of diamond earrings can match almost any daytime outfit, from jeans and sweater to formal business wear. Diamond earrings show that you care about your appearance and take pride in yourself. They add a touch of sparkle that will accentuate your beauty and class-up any outfit. After all, who will think your jeans came from H&M when your earrings say, 'Tiffany darling'!


0.65ct Ruby & Diamond Pear Cluster Earrings 18k White Gold

0.65ct Ruby & Diamond Pear Cluster Earrings 18k White Gold

$825.00 $1,335.00

This is an exquisite pair of ruby and diamond earrings with an elegant and stylish design, perfect for parties. They are handcrafted in 18k white gold and showcase 0.45ct of round-shaped rubies wrapped around by a dazzling pear-shaped halo of… read more

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If you want a single piece of diamond jewellery that can make the most difference to your look and how others see you, then go for a pair of diamond earrings. We have a vast collection of styles to inspire you and make you think again about wearing diamond jewellery during the day.

Diamond Chokers – A Style Statement All Their Own

Understated, sexy, glamourous, all words that can describe the diamond choker - an underappreciated item of jewellery. Personally, I love diamond chokers! The glint of precious metal and diamond close to my neck emphasises the neck's length and makes it look slenderer. A

A diamond choker looks excellent with off the shoulder and low-cut outfits without calling attention to my cleavage in the way a pendant necklace does. I think that subtle can be more sexy than showy, and that's where a choker can score.

A diamond choker deserves to be dressed up, not down. Think lace and velvet rather than t-shirt cotton or buttoned blouse.

Retro Style That Works Today – Choose A Tennis Bracelet

Chris Evert, an American tennis player from the '70s to the late '80s, popularised this style when a bracelet she was wearing during a match broke off. In front of millions of TV viewers worldwide saw the George Bedewi designed diamond bracelet, and a new style was born that carries on right up to today.

You can buy tennis bracelets in many different styles and precious metals, but all share two features: a secure clasp and gemstones running all around the circumference of the piece.

Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet 5.00ct G/SI in 18k White Gold

Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet 5.00ct G/SI in 18k White Gold

$8,755.00 $15,090.00

This lovely diamond tennis bracelet is made from 18K white gold, accented with 5.00CT of baguette-cut diamonds, graded as G/SI quality. Each diamond sparkles brilliantly against the white gold channel setting making this bracelet perfect for daily wear or a… read more

View Product

A tennis bracelet can look as good with a simple white blouse and jeans as it does with sophisticated evening wear making these bracelets one of the most versatile jewellery items in your collection.

The best way to rock a tennis bracelet is with short-sleeved outfits; your exposed arms and wrists show off your exquisite bracelet.

If you want to push the limits a little while keeping within the tennis bracelet paradigm of tasteful simplicity, try stacking bracelets. Mix yellow and white gold, a bracelet without gemstones and your diamond bracelet.

Stack Your Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are the most popular single item of diamond jewellery. Most of us wear only one diamond ring at a time, but why? In jewellery, just as in other areas of life, 'the more, the merrier' applies and stacking several rings together has become a fashionable testament to the saying's truth!

There are a couple of guidelines to follow to make ring stacking work stylishly and not appear clumsy.

1) Mix and match the diamonds' sizes and shapes on the rings you choose – that way, the rings will not blend into a chunky mess.

2) Try to use different colours of precious metals so that the effect is not of a single large piece of jewellery. Mixing the colours will add visual interest and make the overall impact more impressive.

Mix Up Your Diamond Shapes 

Over half of all diamonds used in jewellery are of the same shape, the brilliant round cut. They are a safe choice and give the best degree of sparkle. But if you want to take your style a little further out than most women, take a look at buying jewellery that uses diamonds with different shapes. Oval and marquise cut diamonds have almost all the round shape's sparkle but often look much larger than an equivalent weight of a round diamond. Baguette and emerald-cut diamonds can look more sophisticated and subtle than their more sparkling and fiery counterparts making for a less showy, very stylish effect.

Stylish Diamond Jewellery Collections That Inspire

That's the lowdown on diamond jewellery style tips based on our design team's knowledge. At All Diamond, we have put together collections of British designed diamond jewellery to match most budgets and styles. Whether you're after a diamond bracelet or an eternity ring, we know that you will be inspired by the work of our designers and craftsmen. 

We will make sure that you are styled more like Elizabeth Taylor than a Christmas tree! 

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