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Why Do Women Love Diamonds? Ten Reasons, Some You Will Agree With - Others, Not So Much!

Why Do Women Love Diamonds? Ten Reasons, Some You Will Agree With - Others, Not So Much!

Irina Collier Irina Collier
7 minute read

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Ten Reasons Why Women Love Diamonds And Diamond Jewellery

Have you ever heard the expression, "diamonds are a girl's best friend?" OK, that was a line from a film and probably an early bit of product placement. In our culture, it is close to the truth! Most women dream of receiving a diamond ring as an engagement present. Girls enjoy diamonds of all shapes and sizes. The bottom line: women love diamonds!

A diamond is forever, and so is diamond jewellery. Women love diamond jewellery, and as a woman, I know that we cannot get enough of it! Whatever the occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or just for no reason at all, a woman loves to receive diamond jewellery. So why do women love jewellery with diamonds?

In this article, we will look at some reasons why so many women enjoy wearing diamonds and diamond jewellery. I'll start out with a warning, some f the points below may not be politically correct, but I hope that nobody is triggered by them! The truth is that the ten reasons I have listed are accepted as valid for at least a large number of women.  

Read on to find out why so many women adore diamonds.

Diamonds Have Symbolism

Diamond jewellery holds great importance for the person who wears it. Each gemstone represents something unique. A woman's diamond engagement ring indicates a lover's or spouse's affection. In contrast, a diamond necklace from her parents represents their love and pride in their daughter. There is usually a tale behind each diamond in a woman's collection. As a result, women's affection for diamonds extends beyond the object itself. She treasures the symbol conveyed by each diamond.

Diamonds Are A Sign Of Love

Diamonds, particularly in engagement rings, are regarded as a symbol of love, tradition, and permanence. Diamond jewellery is the most expensive type to give to a loved one. Diamonds can never go wrong. A girl enjoys diamonds because they make her feel like a diva or celebrity when she wears gorgeous and expensive jewellery given to her by her partner. Diamonds do not depreciate with time. As a result, diamonds are globally recognised as a symbol of eternal love and long-term devotion.

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Diamonds Are Always In Style

Diamond jewellery will never go out of style. A classic piece of jewellery with diamonds will be forever stylish. Even trendy pieces like the journey pendants will remain in style. No matter what type of diamond you get your lady, be it a ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings, rest assured that your lady will get many years of wear out of it. Diamonds are forever, and a piece of jewellery made with diamonds will also last forever.

Diamonds Are A Status Symbol

Diamonds and jewellery containing diamonds are regarded to be status symbols. To distinguish themselves from the other people in the crowd, many women proudly wear diamonds. Extravagant diamond jewellery is considered by many well-known celebrities to be the ultimate fashion statement. The rest of us want to feel just a tiny touch of that feeling of wealth and extravagance.

It is safe to say that donning a piece of diamond jewellery will give the impression that you are wealthy, refined, and elegant. Additionally, it is thought that diamonds can make you feel terrific because they have a tendency to make you feel more powerful. It is a common belief that owning diamond jewellery boosts a woman's self-esteem. When they wear diamonds, women feel more capable of taking charge of their lives and exuding self-assurance.

The Sparkle Of A Diamond

Women are drawn to diamond jewellery because of how they look, catch the light and sparkle. A diamond's capacity to display a rainbow of colours is a big draw. As a diamond is cleaned and polished, its brilliance and sparkle are renewed and released in a way many women like. No other jewellery lasts as long as diamond jewellery when it is frequently cleaned and properly kept. Diamonds last for many years while retaining their inherent radiance and brilliance.

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Diamonds Match Everything

Some stones are bright in colour. Rubies and sapphires must be worn with certain outfits because their bold colouring may clash with other colours in the outfit. Even if you have a stone you love that matches several of your outfits, it is not as good as a diamond because it will not match everything in your wardrobe. Classic diamonds and classic diamond jewellery matches every look and style. Whether set in white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, or platinum, classic white diamonds will never clash with a woman's outfit.

Every Diamond Is Unique

Diamonds are created in such a manner that no two natural diamonds are exactly alike. Women are drawn to diamonds because each one is created unique and makes them feel similarly remarkable. Women naturally experience a sense of exclusivity while wearing diamond jewellery; they become a part of their life.

Women Love The Frosting

As shown in the famous movie How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, women love the frosting of diamonds. Matthew McConaughey's character's idea was to tantalize women to cover (frost) themselves in beautiful sparkling diamonds. Diamonds and diamond jewellery make a woman sparkle and glow. For British readers, frosting is what we would call icing on a cake.

When the sun hits a diamond, the sparkle is magnificent. Women love that sparkle—that icing. In addition, this sparkle is excellent for showing off to other women. Even if she will not admit it, the size of your wife's wedding ring, engagement ring, or wedding band set really does matter when she is with her friends. Women want the biggest, shiniest, and brightest diamond engagement ring or wedding band set. It does not matter if it is discount diamond jewellery—her friends will not know that! All that matters is that your wife, girlfriend, or fiancée has the best and brightest sparkle out of all of her girlfriends.

Suppose you succeed in making that possibility real for her and make your lady the star among her friends. In that case, you know that you have chosen the best diamond jewellery for her.

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Choices, Choices, and More Choices

Women typically utilise their clothing to express who they are. Women carefully decide what may best express their personalities, from attire to accessories. Diamonds provide ladies with several options in colour, shape, size, and cut. Women can pick the ideal diamond kind and shape to complement their clothes. Diamonds are available for each formal or traditional event to provide ladies with sparkling beauty.

Diamonds Are A Connection With The Past And The Future

The woman wearing a diamond is wearing a link to ancient history—the miners who have worked long and hard to carve those precious diamonds from deep underground.

She has a connection with the skilled diamond cutters who cut and polished the gemstone, which enabled its beauty to shine out. She even has a link with the retailer, who is well versed in all things gemological and helped to choose just the right diamond and jewellery.

A diamond connects a woman from the past to the present and on to the future. The diamonds being worn by women today may have been worn in the past and will be worn, probably in a new setting, in the future. The diamond will be just as valuable and fresh as the day it was first worn.

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Whatever The Reasons, Women (And Men) Enjoy Diamonds!

Now you have an idea about why diamond jewellery is so desired and enjoyed, I will point you in the direction of  How To Buy Diamond Jewellery With Your Head As Well As Your Heart! You can learn about the 4Cs of diamonds and why you should let your emotions into the diamond jewellery buying process

Whether or not you agree with my Top Ten list, there's no denying that women love diamonds. At All Diamond, we work hard to create the beautiful diamond jewellery that women want to wear. Please take a few minutes to browse our collections of British-designed and handcrafted jewellery made with diamonds and other precious stones.

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