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All Diamond exists because we understand that the jewellery business was not giving its clients what they deserved, what they needed. Looking at the traditional jewellery stores up and down the country, we saw that buyers of diamond jewellery were not well served.

We chose to use our knowledge of the business, our jewellery heritage and our deep roots in beautiful jewellery design and manufacture to make something better.

Our goal is to use the latest in technology to create an online jewellery store. is a place where buyers of all types of high-quality diamond jewellery would have access to the best products available from our skilled gemmologosts, craftspeople, and designers. We decided to offer the best value backed by firm price and quality guarantees in a way that would make investing in quality jewellery a pleasure.

Buying the jewellery of your dreams should not be a stressful hike from shop to shop; where everything looks the same and salespeople do not lead buyers to the best choices for their needs.

Who are we?

All Diamond is a family and a team with long connections to the diamond jewellery business. With a base in the heart of London’s diamond capital – Hatton Garden, we have, for many years, had a finger on the pulse of diamond jewellery trends and ideas.

Unlike most jewellers, whether online or in traditional retail, we don’t just buy in goods from other companies. We design and manufacture many of our jewellery products so that you can purchase jewellery from us that you won't see anywhere else, jewellery that is unique. Our designers identify the latest trends and create excellent value jewellery that is on the cutting edge of fashion.

The expertise of our team has been recognised for its strength in marketing, retailing and design by the British Jeweller’s Association, National Association of Jewellers and by other trade organisations at any many jewellery trade events. We are genuine jewellery experts, and we use all of our skills to bring you the best in jewellery in design, quality and price through

Our Special Jewellery Is Your Special Jewellery!

We are very proud of the jewellery we make, supply and sell. Every piece is as special to us as it will be to you.

Please, use our website to choose the best jewellery for your engagement, special occasion or unique gifts – or as a special gift to yourself!

Our experts will guide you to the best choice for your needs and budget. Rely on us to take care of you both before you make a purchase and afterwards.

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