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All About Diamond Shapes

The shape of a diamond is important because it gives your jewellery a look you want. The shape creates the overall impression of the diamond, whether it is a classic round shape or an elegant flat shape.

Many buyers confuse diamond shape with diamond cut, which is about the diamond's brilliance, fire and sparkle.

The shape of the diamonds you buy reflects your personal taste and choices, although there are good reasons for choosing specific shapes, depending on your preferences and budget.

Top Diamond Buying Tips

Your perfect diamond – the starting point in your perfect jewellery choice.

Your Personal Preferences

The design of your jewellery depends upon the initial selection of the diamond's shape. While you might have something specific planned, it is a good idea to keep an open mind to new ideas. We have a vast range of diamonds in a variety of stunning shapes.

Its All About The Sparkle!

The most popular diamond shape, by far, is the classic round diamond. Nothing has the sparkle and fire of a round diamond. A round diamond is sure to impress everybody who sees it.

Diamond Prices

Beauty comes at a price! Cutting all the intricate facets and releasing the sparkle of a round diamond is time-consuming and requires high expertise and care. All of the fire and brilliance seen in a round diamond makes them more expensive than other shapes – but the result is worth it!

Our Most Popular Diamond Shapes Include:

Round Brilliant

The most popular of the diamond shapes because of the highest amount of sparkle from the intricate facets.


A square or rectangular diamond loved by many for the way it displays colour in each of its corners, not just the centre.


This elegant shape looks bigger for any size than any other diamond. The marquise has almost all the sparkle of the round cut, making it an excellent choice for an impressive diamond ring.


The clearest of all the diamond shapes due to its large top facet. The shape is simple and elegant. The lustre of an emerald cut diamond is unique, giving a very different visual effect to brilliant-cut diamonds.


A combination of round and marquise shapes, the pear shape flatters the wearer's hand in rings and makes for beautiful pendant earrings. The brilliance and sparkle are similar to round brilliant diamonds.


The heart shape diamond is enjoyed as a romantic classic all around the world. A well-cut heart shape is a testament to the skill of the diamond cutter.


With an elegant look that is perfect for engagement rings, the longer shape accentuates fingers, making them look longer and slenderer. The brilliance and sparkle are similar to the round brilliant shape.


The clipped corners of the radiant shape and the intricate facets cut into the diamond make the radiant a unique style that blends the best of emerald and round brilliant shape into a single gem.


Asscher cut diamonds look like emerald shape gems except that they are square. Devised in the Art Deco period they are very popular with lovers of historic jewellery designs.


Also known as pillow-cut, the cushion shape is a classic dating back for centuries. Cut in rectangular or square proportions; cushion shape gives a blend of brilliance and clarity in a timeless style.


The trillion sometimes called the trilliant shape of diamond is a triangular shape. The trillion is often used as an accent stone, enhancing the effect of a centrepiece diamond. Today, larger trillion shape diamonds are becoming popular in solitaire rings.


Baguette diamonds are rectangular with a simple stepped cut. Baguettes are usually small and used in groups either on their own or as accent stones to a larger gem. This is a classic shape that became very popular during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s.

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