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Diamond Certificates Explained

A diamond certificate accompanies most of the diamonds sold by reputable jewellers. Some of the smallest stones may not be certificated due to limitations of the diamond grading process. The certificate accompanying your diamond purchase gives impartial information about the characteristics and quality of the diamonds in your jewellery purchases. With a certificated diamond reported on by a reputable diamond grading laboratory, you can be sure that your diamond lives up to the description provided by the seller.

Every certificate provides information about the 4Cs of diamond quality: Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight and additional information including the origin of the stone, any enhancements, and the proportions of the diamond.

There are several diamond grading laboratories whose certificates are seen in British jewellers. Some jewellers provide certificates written in-house.All our certified diamonds are analysed and reported upon by just one laboratory, GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The GIA has the reputation of being the most accurate and reliable grading organisation with the strictest standards and is regarded as the gold standard in diamond grading.

Why Do You Need A Diamond Certificate After Your Purchase?

Even after your diamond, or diamond jewellery has been purchased, your diamond's certificate is still valuable.Your diamond's certificate should be kept securely with your other valuable documents. If the diamond is damaged or lost, you will make an insurance claim to replace your loss. A reputable diamond certificate will help you when you make an insurance claim. The certificate is definite proof of the quality of the diamond and thus its replacement value.

Whenever the diamond is to be out of your possession, for example, for cleaning or repairs, always tell the people doing the work that you have a certificate for the diamond. By letting people know that you have the certificate, you will discourage fraud by, for example, replacing your diamond with a lower quality, lower value stone.

If your diamonds are ever to be sold, traded, or perhaps used as some form of security, your diamond's certificate will enable you to establish the value of the item.

Have The Right Certificate

Not all diamond certificates are equal. The only grading laboratory that we trust for accurate diamond grading and certification is the GIA. A good alternative is AGS, but they are less commonly seen in Britain. Other grading labs can have issues with the quality of their certification. In particular, avoid in-house certifications provided by some jewellers. In-house certifications have no real value for the quality of the certificates and will rarely be accepted as being a reliable indicator of quality and value. Learn more about the various diamond grading certificates seen in the United Kingdom here.

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